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Join Vylla Home

Join Vylla Home

As a Vyllager, I would love to tell you more about the advantages of joining Vylla Home as a real estate agent.

The first thing I would tell you is, Vylla offers LEADS. The company is laser-focused on getting their agents prospective clients and customers. I personally spent 7 years with my previous brokerage and in that time, I received 43 leads from the company in that time. That's 6.14 leads per year.

Since joining Vylla Home in early 2020, I've received 186 (as of July, 2023) - that's over 53 per year! The management is always looking for ways to help agents obtain customers/clients without having the agents pay up front fees to third parties.

As an experienced agent who's been with two large brokerage firms and another successful start up on Long Island, I can tell you NONE of them had the focus that Vylla does to get its agents - leads. None.

Secondly, Vylla provides advantageous commission splits. If you're at a brokerage with a high split that includes a high monthly fee, then you're at the wrong brokerage, especially if that brokerage isn't giving you lead opportunities.

Lastly, the management of Vylla Home is consistently providing weekly LIVE training on technology which is constantly changing and Vylla changes with it. The training also includes social media graphics and tips to enhance your social outreach and get results.

 No administrative fees

 Industry leading commission

 Revenue sharing program

 Incredible lead opportunities

 Inclusive culture and community

 Free leading tech and training

 Genuine broker support and resources

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you one on one if you like. Just shoot me a text or call me at (631)831-9048 or (540)900-0354 or email me at [email protected] for a PRIVATE AND CONFIDIENTIAL chat.