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The Lyons Group

Crystal Lyons

DRE# 01130622

Meet Crystal!

She's been in the real estate game for so long, she practically invented it. She's seen more ups and downs than a roller coaster, and can navigate the Southern California Real Estate Market like a pro. She's even got a black belt in Bank Owned Properties (REO/Foreclosures).

Crystal doesn't just sell houses, she's like a real estate Yoda, guiding her clients with wisdom and patience. And if you need a quick real estate brain, or a strong dose of honesty, she's got you covered. She's loyal to her family, friends, and clients - she's basically a real-life Mama Bear.

So what does she specialize in, you ask? Well, she's pretty much a superhero in these areas:

Selling houses

Buying houses

Dealing with distressed properties (she's seen it all, from haunted houses to properties with more legal issues than a Law & Order episode)

● Relocating (she can pack a house like nobody's business, or refer you to someone with a stronger back.)

● REO/Short Sales (she's got more tricks up her sleeve than a magician)

● 1031 Exchanges (for those who like to invest in real estate)

But don't worry if your real estate needs aren't on this list - if Crystal can't help you, she knows someone who can.

And if you want to know what she's like outside of the real estate world, she's pretty great at making chili and loves dogs more than most people. Oh, and did we mention she's an excellent listener? Seriously, if listening was an Olympic sport, she'd take home the gold.

So if you're looking for a real estate master who knows her stuff, and will make you feel like family, give Crystal a call at 818-641-8006.

And remember, there's no such thing as a silly question - ask away!